Electronic Music and Sound Art

On the bachelor level you'll acquire knowledge, skills and competences to become an electronic musician, composer, sound artist and entrepreneur on the artistic scene. The education aims to develop your special musical talent and your artistic profile.

The majority of our graduates work both as performers, teachers and project managers; therefore both artistic, educational and vocational subjects are included in the bachelor program. In addition, general technical and aesthetic subjects that support the music professional development are embedded in the curriculum.

When you apply you must submit the following:




One or more artistic works of a duration of no more than around 15 minutes. The material must have been made by you. If others have participated in its production, this must be clearly stated. The material can reflect several aspects of your artistic work.

Please submit the material as audio files or a multimedia presentation.




Written account of the submitted material. The written material must be no more than 2 A4 pages and contain an account of:


  • - The overall idea of the work(s)
  • - The potential you recognise in the material
  • - Your artistic experience -
  • - Your reasons for applying for admission to the programme

Material and formats

Entrance exam 

  1. You must make a technical exposition of your material. The exposition can last no more than 10 minutes. The purpose of the exposition is to demonstrate your technical approach in working with sound. The exposition must therefore give a presentation of a wide range of the techniques you use and should not focus on a single technical aspect of your production. You choose which techniques you want to focus on. The presentation must be made on a computer or the instrument for which the work is intended.
  2. The technical exposition will be followed by a thorough conversation about the material you have submitted. Focus will be on the artistic ideas behind the production, including sources of inspiration, target group and potential. The conversation will last no more than 10 minutes.

You must bring your own computer or instrument for the presentation. Mixer and speakers will be available.   


After the conversation you will receive one overall mark for your performance and the submitted material. The mark will reflect the degree to which you are considered ready to achieve the programme learning goals.