21.03.13 Frokostkoncert

Odense, Syddansk Universitet Kl. 12:00

Arrangør: Syddansk Universitet, Odense
Sted: Syddansk Universitet
Pris: Fri entré

Klassisk frokostkoncert på Campustorvet,SDU

Emma Oemann, sopran og Teresemarie Lisiux, klaver - begge fra Syddansk Musikkonservatorium & Skuespillerskole (SMKS) - fejrer foråret med Britten, Mozart, Puccini and Bernstein.

Senere på eftermiddagen holder Teresemarie Lisiux foredrag med titlen:
"Progress in Piano Pedagogy through Research" (se mere herunder).


Der er fri entré!


The next Lunchtime Concert during the spring of 2013 will take place 12-13 on March 21 and features Emma Oemann, soprano, and Teresemarie Lisiux, piano, who will celebrate the arrival of spring with Britten, Mozart, Puccini and Bernstein.

Free admittance

Later the same afternoon Teresemarie Lisiux gives a talk titled "Progress in Piano Pedagogy through Research" (see below).



Thursday, March 21, 2013, 3:15-5 p.m. in U73.

Progress in Piano Pedagogy through Research

Teresemarie Lisiux, Cand. Musicae, Master of Music - main subject: classical piano. The Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts, Southern Denmark.

Abstract: When giving piano lessons we sometimes tend to follow a tradition of saying the same things to our students that were said to us many years ago when we first started playing. For many generations this has been the only way of delivering "the know how" from one generation to the next. Nowadays, however, we are fortunate to have access to research on movement, brain functions and memory - a lot of information that may aid us in educating our children as well as upcoming pianists. Here in Denmark, nonetheless, we are - in my opinion - too fixated on the way tradition tells us how to teach. How many teachers are actually up-to-date with regard to research results?

While preparing my Master of Music (Cand.musicae) thesis, I tested some results from the world of sports on "how to learn movements in the best and fastest way." I worked with two pianists, one amateur and one professional, and we implemented the ideas over a period of some weeks.

During my seminar presentation I will talk about the results of my work and will present some proposals for utilizing this knowledge when teaching students.

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