Om koncerten


13:00 -13:25 - Sharing (visning)
Students from SDMK, Odense, share their work from this weeks’ Performative Subject, where they have explored ways of staging the topic: Arrival to a New Place - Uncovering music and stories from people leaving their lives for a new beginning. The topic is inspired by Marc Bernsteins KUV project “Everybody Comes From Somewhere”.

13:30 -14:30 - Artist Talk
How can everyday life look for a musician? In what ways can alternative concert forms, and performative elements be a part of the musicians work and creativity?

  • Klara Bernat, director for the chamber ensemble Ensemble Midtvest, will talk about the creative work and the activities of the ensemble.
  • Marc Bernstein, Composer and Rhythmic Music Dept. Leader at SDMK will share his thoughts, ideas and creative concepts from the KUV project “Everybody Comes From Somewhere”.
  • Martin Gade, Vice Principal SDMK, about his experiences
  • Students from Performative Subject
  • You are all invited to join the talk! Students, teachers and more