Om koncerten

Joni skriver: 

My time here in SDMK is almost up and now its time for me to finnish (heh) my candidate studies with a proverbial bang!

During these three unforgettable years I’ve been composing a lot of new stuff and started several new projects (and re-booted an old one!) with some awesome musicians & friends and I'm just overwhelmed to be
finally able to show everybody what I’ve been working on.

Prepare yourself for a musical smorgasbord of epic proportions!


Line up & setlist:

synDRM, Experimental synth & drums duo

Chris Falkenberg – Drums & synthesizers
Joni Raikaslehto - Synthesizers

1. ????
2. blip
3. Func

Quicksilver Quartet, Neo-soul/hip hop/electronic music influenced Jazz fusion

Snæbjörn Snæbjörnson – Sax & electronics
Mika Paaso – Keys
Chris Falkenberg – Drums & electronics
Joni Raikaslehto – Electric bass

4. Consistency
5. In Transit
6. Sisyphus

Joni Raikaslehto InFusion, 70 & 80’s inspired jazz/prog fusion extravaganza

Sigurd Kehlet – Guitar
Rahel Talts – Keys
Jacob Nissen – Keys
Mathias Blumensaat – Drums
Joni Raikaslehto – Fretted & fretless electric bass

7. Concrete Material
8. Anxiety
9. Determination

1-6 written by Joni Raikaslehto 2018-2021
7-9 written & arranged by Joni Raikaslehto 2013-2018


The concert will be approx. 45min and held in Cafe Ørsted.

Due to the ongoing corona situation the audience size is limited to max 30 people.

So: If you want to see the concert, click "going/deltager", but if it seems there's more than 30 people coming, then it's basically "først til mølle".


Konservatoriets eksamenskoncerter er åbne for alle interesserede, men der stilles selvsagt det beskedne krav, at man som publikum respekterer eksamenssituationen og klokkeslæt. 

Pga. Covid-19 er der begrænsede pladser til koncerterne.