Erasmus Policy statement


Syddansk Musikkonservatorium (SDMK) - Danish National Academy of Music was established in 2015 as a consequence of a political decision to reorganize the HLI under the Danish Ministry of Culture. SDMK operates in to schools: The conservatory in Odense (formerly known as the Det Fynske Musikkonservatorium/The Carl Nielsen Academy of Music, Odense, the conservatory in Esbjerg (formerly known as Vestjysk Musikkonservatorium/The Academy of Music and Music Communication). Both of the former academies has a history that reaches back well above 60 years.

Network participation

Since 1995 the two conservatories have been awarded the EUC and participated in student and teacher mobility to a great extend besides other network related activities on both the Nordic and European level. Previeously the acting school has also participated in European and Nordic exchange networks and in 2010/11 the school undertakes the task of coordinating the Norteas network under Nordplus.

SDMK is a member of AEC (Association Européenne des Conservatoires) and takes active part in the yearly congresses for both rectors and international relations coordinators. Besides, SDMK is a member of the thematic network ‘Polifonia’ run by AEC.

SDMK is a member of ABAM (The Association of Baltic Academies of Music). 

SDMK takes active part in ANMA (The Association of Nordic Music Academies) and several networks (e.g. Nordpuls, Nordtrad, Sibelius, Espansiva, etc.) under the Nordic Council of Ministers' LLL program, Nordplus.


Internationalization is highlighted as one of five objectives of special interest in the institutional strategy of SDMK. The following is stated: „The former institutions have strong international relations and coorporations already. The coinage of SDMK stengthens the international ties further as the mere size of the mergered institution allows for an explicitly formulated international strategy. Concurrenntly with developing the new institution the international profile will be strengthened and through a high level of activity and quality within the international field SDMK will take active part in the realization of means directed towards the global challenges as formulated in the educational policies.

Main objectives:

  • SDMK participates in international networks on European and Nordic levels and exchanges on a global scale.
  • SDMK is co-originator of initiating and coordinating international projects, exchanges and partnerships in professional international networks.
  • SDMK will develop an explicit internationalization strategy
  • SDMK will develop special programmes for international students.