Advisory Board

In accordance with the Act on Advisory Boards at the Ministry of Culture Denmark’s higher educational institutions, the Danish National Academy of Music established its first advisory board at the end of 2009.

The advisory board covers all programmes at SDMK. The board members act as advisors in connection with development and improvement of the institution’s study programmes – not least in relation to the demands the music industry and music educational scene place on its graduates.

Read more about advisor boards on the Ministry of Culture Denmark’s website

According to section 2 of the Act, ’the task of the advisory panel is to advise rector on the quality and relevance of study programmes and on the development of new or existing programmes and the development of new teaching and examination forms. Rector must discuss all significant aspects of the programmes’ quality, relevance and development with the advisory panel’, which may both provide statements and suggestions for questions. The panel’s recommendations and any activities launched at SDMK to follow up on such recommendations must be mentioned in SDMK’s annual report to the ministry.  

The advisory panel members represent employers of SDMK graduates and are appointed on the basis of their personal competences as well as their experience with and knowledge of the relevant labour market. The Minister for Culture Denmark appoints the chairman, while the remaining members are appointed for a four-year period by rector and the chairman after consulting with the ministry. The panel chairman will participate in meetings in the academy council insofar as they concern overall issues regarding programme quality, relevance and development.