Docent, head of jazz department

Teaching saxophone, ensemble, little big band, improvisation, instrumental and ensemble pedagogy and music history. Permanent leader/composer/arranger for the ”Little Big Band”.

About Marc Bernstein:

"...all three soloists managed an individual identity, most notably Marc Bernstein, who was the final soloist and sustained interest to the end."
- John S. Wilson, New York Times

"...Marc’s Dolphy-like attitude emerges,but in his own way. He has a lot of personal conviction."
- Ira Gitler, Jazz Times Magazine

"…Bernstein demonstrates a deep reverence for the tradition, and he is a musician with full control over his instruments and with a direct connection to his heart. Bernstein’s solos are articulate, melodic and energetic."
- Bent Kauling, Jazz Special Magazine

"Brooklyn-born and now Denmark-dwelling saxophonist Marc Bernstein isn't a name heard often enough, but judging him on terms of his work with his wonderful Kibrick group, he deserves serious consideration."
- Cadence Magazine

"Kibrick is a colorful picture of jazz/funk/rock/free combined with Eastern European folk music's odd-meters and wistful sound, which includes everything from quiet peaceful ballads to danceable and party- like grooves combined with jazz's inventiveness and improvisations."
-Danmarks Radio

"An extremely good, absolute must-hear CD!"
- Jazz Special Magazine

"…the music is driven by an intensity which is impossible not to be attracted to."
- Politiken

"Fresh, electronic, unmistakably modern; not avant garde, but with an appetite to establish an indisputable contemporary sound. This is an exciting project that investigates an inspiration/co-operation between modern art and modern music."
- Jazz Special Magazine

More info at: www.marcbernstein.net