Exchange student

Most student exchanges at SDMK - Danish National Academy of Music are organised within the framework of the Erasmus or the Nordplus programmes.

All exchange applications must be sent in agreement with the international office at your home institution. Applications should include 3 pieces/15 min. of music played by you along with a letter of motivation and a learning agreement.

Please contact the international office at your own institution for further information on application procedures within the different networks.

We prefer receiving mobility applications via EASY:

- however digital scans (pdf) are also welcome.

Please note: SDMK – Danish National Academy of Music has campuses in both Odense and Esbjerg.
Students are most welcome to indicate their priorities in the application, however not all educations are offered both places:


Church Music
Contemporary Rhythmic Music
Electronic Music and Sound Art
Folk/Traditional Music
Music Pedagogics
Film scoring (Master’s level only)

*) Applications sent by e-mail should contain:


• Erasmus+ application form (AEC standard)
• Links to an audition material
• Letter of motivation
• Learning agreement
• Transcript of records (or bachelor certificate)


• Letter of recommendation
• Curriculum vitae
• Photo

The application deadline for exchange students is March 1st.

Further questions about exchange studies at SDMK - Danish National Academy of Music? Please contact our international office.

As I am sitting in Copenhagen waiting for the train to Prague I realized that it is really happening now, I am moving out from the place where I've spent amazing two years with really nice people. I didn't expect that this would be so difficult. I have to say that all of you guys in Odense create exceptional atmosphere of true friendship, creative environment and peace. You gave me a lot. You gave me support whenever I needed, you gave me feeling like being at real home. Thank you for that, I am really going to miss you. Hope to meet soon again. Your Vit

(Pianist Vit Kristan, Chech Republic)

"I decided to apply as an exchange student in Esbjerg, Denmark, and was accepted. In Esbjerg my life as a music student began anew. It was very hard to properly understand the completely different culture of studying music. Now the main weight was clearly in making music all the time, not in theoretical subjects. And this, once again, was an eye-opener."

"I was also very positively surprised about the student activity in making completely original music."

"In the end, the best and most important decision I ever made in my studies was to relocate the studies to Esbjerg. In the past three years I have learned so much about music and making music. "

(Bass player Henri Laitinen, Finland)