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Arbejdsområder på SDMK 

Saxofon, Sammenspil, Komposition, Improvisation

Kunstnerisk praksis 

An impactful presence on the European scene over the past 20+ years, and 10 on the NYC scene before that, saxophone/bass clarinetist, composer, bandleader and educator Marc Bernstein has immersed himself in such a wide array of music with his bands KIBRICKGood PeopleOut Of The BlueRadical…but NOT…FanaticalVoice and BaritoneCameron/Bernstein 5 and Our Colours that he defies simple categorisation. Bernstein has played and recorded as a bandleader with musical innovators ranging from Tom Harrell, Billy Hart, Billy Cobham, David Kikoski and Bob Moses to Marc Ducret, Jacob Anderskov, Anders Trentemøller, Kasper Tranberg and Stefan Pasborg.

Bernstein has produced ten albums as a leader. His critically acclaimed CD “Meet The Kibricks” landed on many best-of-lists, including those of The Danish National Radio and The New York Times, who wrote; “Even with the acclaim he has received for his recordings, Bernstein is just as renowned for his dynamic performances. Brooklyn-born and now Denmark-dwelling saxophonist Marc Bernstein isn’t a name heard often enough, but judging him on terms of his work with his wonderful Kibrick group, he deserves serious consideration.”

Born in Brooklyn, NY to children of Ukrainian and Polish immigrants, Bernstein is widely regarded for his original playing and riveting stage presence which is hugely influenced by his grandparents history as Eastern European immigrants to the USA during the start of the turbulent 20th century and the effect that their “escape”, roots, culture, music and traditions had on their (and his) lives. Marc also started going to the Village Vanguard, Sweet Basil and 7th Ave South regularly as a young aspirant to hear, amongst others: Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers, James Moody, Gil Evans Big Band, George Coleman, The Brecker Brothers, Jaco Pastorius and Billy Hart. Upon graduation from Berklee College of Music in 1984, Marc had been inspired further by hearing great Bostonians like Roy Haynes, Mick Goodrick, Jerry Bergonzi, Herb Pomeroy, and his sax mentors Jimmy Mosher and George Garzone.

The restlessly creative Bernstein continues to juggle working several bands. “I’m trying to present this way of looking at what I call Good Music”, where I can mix my original compositions up with music by Coltrane, Hendrix, Ornette, Duke, Dylan, Nordic and Ancient Folk Songs to name a few. It’s all just Good Music, played by Good People!

Undervisningserfaring og pædagogisk output

Residencies and masterclasses

Sibelius Academy – Helsinki, Finland
Metroploia University – Helsinki, Finland
Kupion Konservatorio – Kupio, Finland
Keski-Suomen Conservatory – Jyvaskyla, Finland
Oulu Conservatory – Oulu, Finland
Rhythmic Music Conservatory – Copenhagen, Denmark
Royal Academy of Music – Aarhus, Denmark
Southern Danish Academy of Music – Odense, Denmark
Norwegian University – Trondheim, Norway
University of Adger – Kristiansand, Norway
Vincenzo Bellini Conservatory – Palermo, Italy
Stanislao Giacomantonio Conservatory – Cosenza, Italy
Estonian Academy of Music – Tallinn
Royal College of Music – Stockholm, Sweden
National Academy of Music – Wroclaw, Poland
Rimsky-Korsokov Conservatory – St. Petersburg, Russia
National Academy of Music – Lviv, Ukraine
Reykjavik College of Music, Reykjavik, Iceland

Princeton University
The New School
Berklee College of Music

Workshop: Kibrick

Kibrick workshop is based on Marc Bernstein’s KIBRICK music, which has its roots in Bernstein family’s own history as East-European immigrants (to Brooklyn NY). Kibrick music contain elements from jazz, funk, free, rock and soul combined with Klezmer (instrumental Yiddish folk music) and Cantorial (prayer related) singing. During the workshop music of Kibrick will be used as point of departure to meet the students where they are and individually and collectively, help them develop their musical, artistic and technical freedom.

Book: Rytmiske Byggesten

Sådan bruger du rytmiske byggesten i musikundervisningen! Hovedformålet med denne bog er at stimulere børn og unge til, gennem den rytmiske musik, at være skabende, kreative og kunstneriske. Som musiklærer bliver du forsynet med nye, sjove og spændende værktøjer til at videreudvikle og styrke elevernes – og dine egne – kreative evner og musikalitet ved at opleve, lytte, forstå og skabe rytmisk musik og tekst på en ny og anderledes måde. Cd’en rummer en indspilning af sangene, der arbejdes med i bogen. Målgruppe: Grundskolen, gymnasier, musikskoler, efterskoler, højskoler, lærer- og pædagoguddannelserne mv.

KUV/PUV-projekter eller anden forskning 


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"...all three soloists managed an individual identity, most notably Marc Bernstein, who was the final soloist and sustained interest to the end."
- John S. Wilson, New York Times

"...Marc’s Dolphy-like attitude emerges,but in his own way. He has a lot of personal conviction."
- Ira Gitler, Jazz Times Magazine

"…Bernstein demonstrates a deep reverence for the tradition, and he is a musician with full control over his instruments and with a direct connection to his heart. Bernstein’s solos are articulate, melodic and energetic."
- Bent Kauling, Jazz Special Magazine

"Brooklyn-born and now Denmark-dwelling saxophonist Marc Bernstein isn't a name heard often enough, but judging him on terms of his work with his wonderful Kibrick group, he deserves serious consideration."
- Cadence Magazine

"Kibrick is a colorful picture of jazz/funk/rock/free combined with Eastern European folk music's odd-meters and wistful sound, which includes everything from quiet peaceful ballads to danceable and party- like grooves combined with jazz's inventiveness and improvisations."
-Danmarks Radio

"An extremely good, absolute must-hear CD!"
- Jazz Special Magazine

"…the music is driven by an intensity which is impossible not to be attracted to."
- Politiken

"Fresh, electronic, unmistakably modern; not avant garde, but with an appetite to establish an indisputable contemporary sound. This is an exciting project that investigates an inspiration/co-operation between modern art and modern music."
- Jazz Special Magazine

More info at: www.marcbernstein.net