Music director, recorder player and improviser, Vicente Parrilla was born in Seville in 1977. He graduated from the Conservatorium van Amsterdam in 2001. Since 2004, he has been appointed as professor of recorder at Conservatorio Superior de Música «Manuel Castillo» of Seville.


As a performing musician, he has been ensemble More Hispano’s artistic director since its foundation in 1998 and makes frequent collaborations with diverse early music ensembles, as well as with world-class jazz and flamenco musicians. Since 2005, Vicente Parrilla has specialised in historical improvisation, working with the aim of developing some of the instrumental, aural and mnemonic skills necessary to bring back to life the improvisational skills that ancient music performers once had. He has regularly presented the results in front of today’s audiences through the entirely improvised performance of every piece included in his concert programmes, besides documenting it in a number of CD recordings.


As a teacher, Vicente Parrilla holds the chair of recorder at the Conservatory of Seville and has over 15–years’ experience in working in higher music education. During that period he has built up a recorder class in Seville that has attracted students from several Spanish cities and regions, as well as regular and Erasmus students from Germany, Switzerland and Argentina.
Vicente Parrilla’s web publishing literacy has enabled him to thoroughly document the activities of the Seville recorder class on a dedicated website since 2011: flautadepico.consev.es.

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Vicente Parrilla began his concert career at a very early age, making his first CD recording with his own ensemble More Hispano at the age of 20. In addition to leading his group and a number of other projects, his versatility as a performer has allowed him to collaborate with a wide selection of ensembles and musicians with very different backgrounds: jazz pianist Enrico Pieranunzi; jazz bassists Barry Guy & Pablo Martín Caminero. Flamenco artists Rocío Márquez, Patricia Guerrero, María José Pérez, Arcángel & Miguel Ángel Cortés. And early music ensembles such as Euskal Barrokensemble, Accademia del Piacere, Orphenica Lyra, Capella de Ministrers, The Royal Wind Music, Speculum, Artefactum, Seville’s Baroque Orchestra (performing as a soloist) and Madrid’s Symphonic orchestra. He has appeared in festivals and prominent concert halls in Spain, Ireland, England, Austria, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, The Czech Republic, Poland, Portugal, Switzerland, Germany, Slovenia, Croatia, Brazil & Mexico.


As director of More Hispano

  1. Glosas (2011). Carpe Diem Records CD-16285
  2. Yr a oydo (2010). Carpe Diem Records CD-16279
  3. Canzoni, Fantasie et Correnti (1999). Lindoro MPC-0703


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Musical Awards (More Hispano / Vicente Parrilla)

Glosas, Carpe Diem Records CD-16285, 2011

Yr a oydo, Carpe Diem Records CD-16279, 2010


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Whereas for most period-instrument bands improvisation means judiciously adding ornaments, Mr. Parrilla and company go all out. Mr. Parrilla, on recorder, takes turns with the other instrumentalists elaborating on the composers’ melodies, often adding modal touches and varying the rhythms, much as a virtuosic jazz band would do with a group of standards.

— The New York Times, February 17, 2011

Vicente Parrilla has so consumed the model books that he can now speak their musical language with confidence and freedom and create truly modern performances. Parrilla should be considered among the most expressive and technically proficient modern recorder players.

— American Record Guide, Nov/Dec 2011