Entrance Requirements

  • The entrance requirements are a passed Bachelor degree in music as well as an audition and interview.
  • The applicants must have a good command of the English language (assessed during the interview) as the common language is English.
  • The institutions can also recognize other relevant musical training as qualifying.

Entrance Procedure

The entrance procedure consists of two phases:

A) Required Documents
B) Entrance Examination


Required Documents

  • A signed, completed application form
  • Certified copies of the Bachelor’s degree, or other relevant musical training, together with the Diploma Supplement (if available) to prove eligibility for studies at the Master’s level. If you are finalizing your bachelor studies at the time of application, copies of the completed degree should be submitted at a later date. In this case, you are asked to provide information about the current status of your studies, in the form of transcript of records.
  • A brief description (250 words) of your musical background, recent activities and aims, as well as your personal motivation for applying to the programme.

On the basis of the submitted application, the examination committee will pre-select applicants to participate in the entrance examination. Selected candidates will receive a letter of invitation detailing the exact date and time.

Entrance examination

The examination committee will consist both of members who are involved during the entire admission process, as well as local representatives who will join the committee for individual examination sessions held at each institution. All entrance examinations will be conducted in English and held in two main parts.

Part 1

The applicants will perfom a self-chosen programme of maximum 15 minutes in order to demonstrate their performance skills and artistry. The performance must display the applicants’ knowledge of a Nordic folk music tradition characteristic to the country in which the application was submitted. The programme can include both solo and ensemble playing. However, it is compulsory to perform at least a part of the programme solo (without accompaniment). Potential accompanying musicians are to be provided by the applicant.

Upon completion of Part 1, the examination committee will select the applicants permitted to proceed to Part 2.

Part 2

The examinations in part 2 will include:

  • sight reading (prima vista playing)
  • aural skills (picking up tunes, playing/singing by ear)
  • improvisation/accompaniment in ensemble playing (with accompanying musicians provided by the examination committee)
  • an interview in English, during which applicants will be asked to discuss their aims regarding the programme.