1. Facts

  • Bachelor (3 years)
  • Master (2 years)
  • Soloist (2 years)

2. About the programme

Students of church music at SDMK receive teaching in both organ, choir conducting and theory (main subjects) and specialised subjects related to their individual main instruments. During the individual teaching the main subject teacher will focus on musical and technical issues.

In addition, a series of general courses will give you a theoretical foundation and help you look at music from different angles than the performing one, just as students at the programme will be introduced to administrative and PR-related aspects of working as a musician.

The organ group cooperates on concerts, study trips etc.

3. Programmes

Read more about the different programmes, curricula and how to apply!

At the bachelor programme you will acquire the knowledge, skills and competences to work as a musician and entrepreneur in the world of music. The programme aims to develop your unique musical talent and to reach a high level of artistic quality.

Duration: 3 years
Application deadline: 1 December

Curriculum (in Danish):

How to apply:

The master’s programme aims to give you specialised knowledge, skills and competences to work as a musician at the highest level.

The master’s programme is leading to qualifications towards working as organist in major churches.

In addition to its focus on main instrument teaching and chamber music, the master’s programme also focusses on instrumental pedagogy and includes separate courses on didactics, psychology and theoretical pedagogy.

The pedagogical courses also provide teaching in PR and administration, where you will gain basic business qualifications and knowledge of fundraising, press, financial management, VAT/taxes, copyright, agreements and contracts.

Duration: 2 years
Application deadline: 1 december

Curriculum (in Danish):

How to apply:

The master's programme requires a bachelor's degree.


The advanced postgraduate diploma programme focusses on interpretation and musical contemplation with a view to developing soloist competences and stage skills at the highest international artistic level. In addition to instrumental/vocal teaching and participation in international masterclasses and possible international competitions, the programme also seeks to develop the students’ chamber music skills.

Duration: 2 years
Application deadline. 1 February


How to apply:

The programme requires a master's degree.