Sydvestjysk Sygehus

For many years, The Hospital of South West Jutland and Syddansk Musikkonservatorium - Danish National Academy of Music in Esbjerg have successfully cooperated in both children’s hospital units and intensive care units. Now, the collaboration has been formalised through a partnership agreement which sets out the framework for the cross-functional collaboration.

The agreement states, among other things, that it is the parties’ intention to build bridge between Danish music life and the Danish healthcare system for the benefit and enjoyment of hospitalised patients, relatives, staff and the hospital environment as a whole. For the Academy students, the collaboration provides an opportunity to address a number of musicological topics, including the development of targeted music experiences, reflection on artistic practice, new forms of communication and better contact with intuition and the human dimension in encountering a different audience.

In connection with the conclusion of the partnership agreement, Principal Claus Skjold Larsen said: ‘The fundamental value of music is evident both in relation to the human being as a private person and as a social being. Therefore, it is a good idea to keep music close at hand precisely when we are fragile, lonely, alienated, out of the usual confines and perhaps out of ourselves. Music addresses our body directly: The pulse changes, and the biochemistry is affected. These are strong forces, and the musician must be made both ethically and professionally aware of what music can do for us humans in a health context’.

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The Danish National Academy of Music, which offers a study programme in Electronic Music and Sound Art, and the Organisation of Electronic Music in Denmark, Strøm, have entered into a formal collaboration and signed a partnership agreement.

The aim is to strengthen electronic music as a form of art through talent activities, knowledge sharing, innovation work and analyses. In addition, the partnership focusses on cooperating on establishing exchange and close dialogue between the employers and the educational institution, focussing in particular on the labour market for electronic musicians and sound artists.

Through close and binding cooperation between SDMK’s further artistic education programmes and Strøm’s large network of professionals and activities, the partners wish to deliver various shared potentials and to strengthen the cohesion on the electronic music scene as a whole.

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Odense Symphony Orchestra

The Danish National Academy of Music (SDMK) and Odense Symphony Orchestra have entered into a visionary collaboration on establishing the Carl Nielsen Orchestra Academy – the first of its kind in Denmark.

The collaboration will result in activities benefitting both the academy’s orchestra instrument students and the professional musicians in the symphony orchestra.
Through the Carl Nielsen Orchestra Academy, the partners seek to strengthen the relation between the Odense Symphony Orchestra and SDMK with a view to facilitating close and binding cooperation benefitting both parties and contributing to quality-oriented development of the Danish orchestra culture.

The Orchestra Academy was launched in the 2014/2015 academic year. Under the same partnership agreement, the institutions also cooperate on initiatives in connection with the continuation of the international Carl Nielsen competitions.

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Esbjerg Ensemble

The partnership agreement between the Danish National Academy of Music and the Esbjerg Ensemble binds both parties to a collaboration on e.g. internships, joint concerts, master classes and courses – with a view to supporting the unity between the professional music environment, students at the academy and the institution as such.

Both as an educational institution and a cultural institution, the academy and ensemble have already worked together on countless occasions over the years. E.g., the past 13 years the ensemble has been based in the academy’s concert hall in the old power station.

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University College South Denmark

The aim of the partnership agreement is to strengthen areas where the parties have shared interests and goals. First and foremost, this includes a formal strategic collaboration at top management level, which will provide the framework for a formal and binding collaboration.

The objective is to produce results that may e.g. contribute to strengthening and ensuring optimal utilisation and development of the educational resources.  

The agreement includes a duty of information, where both educational institutions must inform each other of research and development initiatives. The idea here is to determine whether they can use each other in this context. The also applies to the cooperation on developing primary school teachers’ music teaching.

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University College Lillebælt

The Danish National Academy of Music (SDMK) and University College Lillebælt (UCL) have entered into a partnership agreement that frames the development of shared projects and research.

For a number of years, UCL and SDMK have worked closely together on developing the academy’s study programmes. Now the collaboration has been formalised through a partnership agreement. The agreement prepares the ground for a mutually binding collaboration on e.g. uncovering development and learning areas within cross-disciplinary study programmes, research and development projects etc. The objective of the agreement is to strengthen areas where the parties have shared interests and goals.

The plan is also to explore opportunities for establishing continuing education programmes at master and diploma levels.

Read the partnership agreement here
Read article on the partnership published in Modus

Odense Jazz Orchestra

Odense Jazz Ochestra is Funen’s professional big band based in Odense. The band has existed since 1994, was formerly known as Tip Toe Big Band plays an active part in the professional Danish big band scene and includes some of the best musicians, composers and organisers in Denmark.

The objective of SDMK’s practice-oriented partnership with Odense Jazz Orchestra is to offer students the best qualifications for forming part of the rhythmic music labour marked and, through student activities, to provide them with personal contacts and networks within the professional jazz scene.

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