Are you between 18 and 30 years old, living outside Odense Municipality and about to start a study programme in Odense? Then you are covered by the ‘roof over your head’ guarantee.

The scheme also applies to full-degree students from the Nordic Countries and the EU, but not to exchange students and students from other countries. Read more about the ’roof over your head’ guarantee here.

You can also contact the colleges’ joint registration,, which offers dorm rooms and student accommodation in Odense.


The housing situation in Esbjerg is far better than in the other college towns in the country, though you may still have to wait for your dream home. You can further improve your chances of finding a good place to live – before study start – if you make an active effort.

At you can get an overview of ways of finding a place to live in Esbjerg and its environs.
You can also read about the H.C. Ørsted House – a residence hall for students at SDMK in Esbjerg – just 20 metres from the academy.

DAB offers various types of student accommodation, including housing in the new building in Havnegade.

You can contact DAB at or +45 7732 0000 – ask for Esbjerg. You may also visit their website,, or the office at 33 Storegade, 1st floor, Esbjerg.


SU is The Danish students' Grants and Loans Scheme.

If you are a foreign citizen, you must fulfil specific conditions in order to be granted equal status with Danish citizens and receive state educational grant (SU)

Normally, you must be a Danish citizen to be entitled to SU. If you are a foreign citizen, however, you have the possibility of applying for equal status with Danish citizens and thus being approved to receive SU.

Danish rules or EU law

There are, in general, two sets of rules according to which you can apply for equal status: Danish rules or the rules of EU law. Depending on the rules under which you apply, there are different conditions that you must fulfil:

When you know the conditions for the specific rules and you are ready to apply, you can read more about how to apply for the first time.

If you have questions regarding SU, you are very welcome to contact our SU-advisor Lene Kielsen ( eller 63119918).

Study towns


With a population of more than 200,000, including 30,000 students, Odense is the third largest city in the country and one of its largest college towns. The academy is in the centre of town and part of the concert and event venue Odeon, which also houses the Danish National School of Performing Arts’ acting programme.

The price of accommodation in Odense is significantly lower than in similar college towns like Copenhagen and Aarhus. It also offers good public transport, though everything in Odense is within biking distance.

The city is plentiful in cultural events and home to a number of music venues, museums and theatres as well as a wide range of cafés and eateries. In addition, throughout the year the city houses a number of interesting festivals focussing on anything from music, film, partying and art to food, flowers and science.

And should you wish to leave Odense, both Copenhagen and Aarhus are just one and a half hours away on the train.

Visit the citizen service centre and information at

The Facebook page offers relevant information on life as a student in the college town of Odense.

Venues and other culture



As a student in Esbjerg, there is plenty to do when you are free from the studies. Denmark’s fifth largest city contains many metropolitan qualities, but in a nearby environment. You get both a vibrant night life, a wide range of cultural offers, unique and fantastic nature and a very active association life.

Esbjerg offers, among other things, cultural houses, a wide selection of dining places, and unique nature in the form of the Wadden Sea, forests and parks. Dive into the many offers and opportunities that you have as a citizen in Esbjerg. Find a list of activities and places here!

STUDY IN ESBJERG is a collaboration between the higher education programmes in Esbjerg – University College South Denmark, the University of Southern Denmark, Business Academy Southwest, Aalborg University Esbjerg and the Danish National Academy of Music – and Business Esbjerg.

In Esbjerg you can choose between more than 60 higher education programmes, just as the city offers a range of sports and cultural activities.

Read more at Study in Esbjerg and learn about your possibilities as a student in Esbjerg.