Part 1

Part 1 of the entrance exam consists of two parts -  a concert and a supplementary test.


The applicant plays a varied programme of his/her own choice. The programme must consist of both solo and ensemble playing and at least one of the pieces must be a traditional Danish dance tune. Singers can replace the dance tune with a traditional Danish folk song.

Emphasis is put on expression and versatility, accurate rhythmic feel and technical ability. The applicant is responsible for providing accompanists and other musicians.

Duration: 10 min.

Supplementary test

1. Playing by ear: The applicant is tested in instrumental/vocal imitation of a melody composed specifically for the purpose.
2. Playing voices: The applicant displays the ability to improvise by adding a second voice or accompainment to the melody.

Duration: 10-15 min.

    Part 2

    Written test in music theory

    A collective written test in music theory and notation.

    Duration: 40 min.
    The applicant is graded on a scale of 7

    Jury: 2 in-house examiners

    Download an example of a written theory test

    Oral test in supplementary subjects

    1. Singing:

    • A self chosen uaccompanied song is sung from memory. Max. 3 min.

    2. Piano: 

    Part  1:

    • A self chosen piece is played. Duration 2-3 min.

    Part 2:

    • Sight playing piano (preparation time: 30 min)
    • Play the assigned task either as version A or B:
      • Version A (lead sheet): Play melody and chords. Tempo as desired.
      • Version B (sheet music): Play the printed arrangement - treble and bass clef simultaneously.
    • In addition, two rounds of accompaniment are played according to a chord sheet while the examiner plays/sings the melody.

    Download examples of piano test: Example 1 | Example 2

    3. Oral test in ear traing/music theory

    • Imitation and identification of triads and tetrads
    • Oral analysis of short harmonic progressions
    • Melodic imitation
    • Rhythmic imitation by clapping
    • Unaccompanied sight singing
    • Sight reading of rhythms

    Download example of an oral ear training test:

    Duration: 30 min.
    The applicant is graded on a scale of 7
    Jury: 2 in-house examiners